What can you expect?

You can expect to have fun. No, seriously.

Clients always get finished and say "well, that was awesome!"

It's not supposed to be stressful, it's supposed to be heart felt memories being made.

Don't know what to wear?

That's ok! That is by far the most answered question I get. I can help you.

We'll chat by message, email, or even by phone. I also have a Pinterest board for client inspiration.

See that tap above?

Rule of thumb: do you feel beautiful in it? Then wear it!

The only thing I always do share with clients is to avoid logos or cartoon characters on your clothing.

It distracts from the subjects in the images.

Layer, layer, layer


It produces great texture & interest to the images.

Think big scarf, rain boots, bright heels…you get the idea ;)

I do recommend for family images is to pick a few colors and stick with that scheme.

You don't want to look to matchy(is that a word? lol), but you still want to somewhat coordinate.

Again, I can help. You can even bring a few different choices to the session and we can work together.