~Choosing Mellisa as our wedding photographer was quite possibly one of the easiest planning decisions we made! After the first inquiry conversation I had with her, I knew she was perfect for the job! Her passion for her work and spunk easily came through in a five minute conversation. Her dedication and experience allowed us to have life long memories of the best day! Her dedication was truly tested on our wedding day when early in the day she took a tumble outside of the church and powered through for the next eight hours with practically a sprained ankle (sorry for the call out, Mellisa, but it is a true testament to your commitment to your brides!). She also made the planning process a breeze because of her organization and enthusiasm to work with you to make it your day. She also lets you ask crazy questions like “does lip-gloss or lip-stick photo better?” because we all read too many bride blogs! After it was all said and done, our end product consisted of traditional posed photos, candid photos, fun reception photos, and basically ever detail of the day! Trust me when I say the day, in which you have spent so much time and detail planning, is a whirlwind and being able to relive the day through photos is a treasure! I have three favorite photos from the wedding that not only capture our relationship but were made possible because Mellisa knows what she is doing and is simply the best!

The first image was an un-posed moment we had (between cake cutting, introductions, whatever the madness) and not only did Mellisa capture the sweetness of the moment, but the lighting was truly incredible!

The second photo was the last photo of the evening as we drove away and proves her eye for editing and when she tells you to trust her on what should be black and white, you trust her….this photo in color is not nearly the same!

 The third photo is basically a blooper of a planned photo, but instead of deleting it instantly, Mellisa had gotten to know our personalities, knew I would love it, and gave it to me anyways. I am so happy she did!

Whether you have a vision of what you want your photos to look like or are open to all suggestions, Mellisa is your girl! We could not be happier with our decision!

XO, the Benfields.



~I loved working with Mellisa because she has such a fun and energetic personality. I had originally heard of her from a co-worker so I looked her up and fell in love with her work. She is open for suggestions and will incorporate her expertise to guide you. Many people told me how much they enjoyed the photographer at our wedding. Her high energy and passion are definitely well worth the money. Another important quality is she is always quick to respond, even when you're stressed and a panicked bride. ~ Amber Vernon 

~ My wife chose Mellisa to be our photographer and promised me she would be perfect for our special day. I quickly discovered my wife was right afar the first day we met with Mellisa. She is so full of energy and fun that she makes the entire experience a lot of joy and happiness when generally there's a lot of stress and anxiety. I'm glad Mellisa was our photographer and would recommend her to anyone. ~ Derek Vernon